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What a difference a decade makes in modern media: Part 2

child-and-phone-1330009422EAw Convergence: a phenomenon whereby diverse media types merge. Nicholas Negroponte of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) first noted this phenomenon in 1978. Whether one applies the Technologies Acceptance Model or a Uses and Gratifications Theory (ie Media Dependency), the best evidences suggest that the smartphone and tablet computer provide the primary devices of media convergence today. What media cannot be experienced by the use of a smartphone or tablet computer?Read More

What a difference a decade makes in modern media: Part 1

Realistic Transistor Radio by Radio Shack When I was growing up I never imagined a world where media would be so pervasive. After all, we had a black-and-white TV that received about 6-8 channels depending on the weather, a tube radio, and my dad’s 8mm projector for movie night on Friday or Saturday if he wasn’t out on the road truckin’. I chuckle a bit now whenever I see the NBC peacock, because the first one I saw was just shades of grey! Things sure have changed for better or worse depending on your perspective.Read More

Bring Your Own Device: Universatopia or Digital Divide 2.0?

BYOD The new buzzwords among the geeky-type educators—people like myself—are BYOD (or bring your own device). With a sufficient network infrastructure and access assumed, BYOD would allow colleges and universities to lower their investments in hardware and while expanding access to learning environments populated with information. Read More