Invitation to scholars and industry professionals


Are you a professional or scholar involved in Media Communication? This is not a promotion for a free seminar or eBook but rather an opportunity to have your work recognized while you give back to our community.

You are welcome to contribute content to the / blog—a brand new venture for our community. I am looking for independent contributors who wish to publish their work for the benefit of our community.

Blog posts that might fall within one of three broad categories are welcome:

Scholarship—reserved for scholarly contributions and research papers

Creativity—practical articles and how-to pieces

Ones&Zeroes—opinions and reviews about current technologies

1) Posts must be written by the author and not from another source. References and sources need to be appropriately documented.
2) Posts must be non-promotional.
3) Posts are unpaid. I am not financially benefitting from your contribution, and you remain the copyright holder of your work. This is not a commercial site.
4) Posts may include a link to your professional page, LinkedIn profile, or other social media.

How do you participate? Please send me an email at johnweidert [at] cox [dot] net with the following information:

First Name (include Ms/Mrs/Mr/Dr)
Last Name
Link to your professional page, LinkedIn profile or other social media

You will receive a reply email which will detail how to gain access to the system and how to post to the blog. The blog uses WordPress and is easy to use.

I hope many of you will use this additional forum to contribute to our field.