Telecommuting: Principles for improved performance working from a home-based office

homeoffice When I spent nearly two years working from home I discovered several principles that helped me to improve my performance working from a home office whether for my own business, for a contractor, or for a remote employer. I trust some of these principles will help you be a more effective telecommuter, remote worker, or home office executive.Read More

Tips for Better Blogs That Can Increase the Quality and Quantity of Your Social Media Engagements

Blog, blogs, blogging, vlog, vlogging Because the search engines are searching for high quality, fresh content every moment of every day, Blogging has become one of the primary methods for establishing an online community with customers interested in your brand – and it is also useful for increasing engagement on your social media profiles. Here are some top tips for writing blogs that will encourage customer engagement with your social media posts, tweets, videos and comments. Read More

Five Keys to Successful Personal Branding With Social Media

99620-20131028 With society increasingly becoming a knowledge-based economy, personal branding is more common today than ever before. Individuals representing a wide diversity of professions engage in personal branding as a necessary means of getting their name before the public—in most cases a very specific, targeted public, audience. Read More