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The Importance of Social Presence and Communication in the Online Classroom as Factors of Successful Student Experiences

global_touch_connection_400_clr_9905 What we have known is years past as traditional education—attentive students sitting in our classes studiously taking notes of every word we say from our highly compelling lecture series—is drastically changing.Read More

Professional certification and Institutional accreditation: Accountability you can trust

accreditation More than ever before in our history, we are working within a global, knowledge-based economy. Years ago when you needed something done beyond your expertise, you would have just dealt with someone within your little domain of colleagues, associates, and friends. You dealt with your need in a very “local context.” Right? But in a global, knowledge-based society with professional and social networks within worldwide networks, your ability to leverage talent and skills in a “global context” is limitless.Read More

The Ideal Social Media Strategist Is Worthy of a Wage

social_media_job_description3 I remember when digital photography became affordable for the masses. Overnight the market was inundated with “professional” photographers. In just a few more years when digital video cameras reached critical mass on Tarde’s S-curve (later Roger’s diffusion of innovations), again we had all sorts of people who were doing wedding videos for $200. Now in the present day of the social media craze, I am amazed by how many people have become social media specialists for little more than hamburger-flipping money. Read More